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The 10 Core Marketing Disciplines

Areas of focus for the marketing performance review.
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The Marketing Performance

50-point diagnostic for improving revenues.
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The Comparative
Marketing Index

How we develop a quantitive
score and what it means.
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Clients and Alliances

Wien-Associates helps clients in
many different industries.
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> Our Purpose

Wien & Associates utilizes the results of a 50-point diagnostic to help organizations identify specific, and often commonly overlooked, marketing steps that can positively impact the business. These action plans are pragmatic, affordable, and directly applicable to increasing customers, relationships and revenues.

> Our Approach

We recommend creative marketing and communications tools that lead to profitable growth by:

  • Utilizing a proprietary 50-point diagnostic to understand and evaluate the current approach.
  • Better defining:
    - the right target groups
    - the factors that differentiate the company
    - the compelling message that tells that story
  • Pinpointing specific, proven steps to generate prospective customer interest, enthusiasm and qualified sales leads.
  • Encouraging the use of existing internal talent to implement as many of the activities as possible and managing those steps that require more extensive marketing expertise.

> Our Services

  • Assessment: Through interaction with clients, we help determine how effective current marketing programs are and where there is there room for improvement. We also draw comparisons to the performance of similar companies and, over the length of an on-going relationship, draw comparisons as to prior performance.
  • Specific Pragmatic, Affordable Marketing Tools: We work with clients to refocus attention and energies on the key areas that will generate customer interest, loyalty, and sales. We then develop a specific, recommended action plan, at least half of which can be implemented by the client’s staff.
  • Management: For those action plan components that require expertise not available in house, e.g., design, writing, research, we supervise the completion of those steps, tapping external support as needed.

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  • We have developed a 50-point diagnostic that helps companies quickly uncover overlooked opportunities to grow revenues. This process has proven to be ideal for those companies which have been focusing on cost reduction over the past two years and need to shift focus back to revenue enhancement. It is an effective way for organizations to tap into some of the more sophisticated marketing concepts for growing their business without having to hire a full time senior marketing executive. Click here to see some example points from the 50-point diagnostic
  • The 10 Marketing Disciplines included in the 50-point diagnostic are:
    - Brand/Company / Organization
    - Competitive / Market Intelligence
    - Customers/Prospects
    - Attracting New Business
    - Deepening Customer Relationships
    - Message
    - Building Awareness
    - Tracking/Leveraging Information
    - New Opportunities
    - Extending the Marketing Mindset to the Whole Company
  • The Comparitive Marketing Index is a rating for how effective your marketing program is in supporting growth. Through the 50-point diagnostic process, Wien & Associates can provide a quantifiable score of this current level of marketing effectiveness. This score can be used as a benchmark or for comparison with other companies in the same industry.


  • Definable: consistent step-by-step, effective processes based on:
    - basic marketing principles
    - best practices
    - years of experience
    - proven track record
  • Quantifiable
    - a 50-point diagnostic
    - Comparative Marketing Index

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> Our Purpose

> Our Approach

> Our Services
> 50-point Diagnostic developed by Wien-Associates  
> The 10 Marketing Disciplines that are included in the 50-point diagnostic

> What Wien-Associates does with the Comparitive Marketing Index (CMI)

> The Methodology



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